Congratulations to Adam Rao (MSTP IV) for Groundbreaking Work on Tabla


Adam Rao demonstrates use of the Tabla device (photo courtesy of ABC News).

Adam Rao, MSTP IV - Bioengineering, has been in the news lately for his work on Tabla, a device he created to help doctors better detect pneumonia. Back in the spring, Adam and his team won a grant from UC Berkeley's Big Ideas competition, winning first place in the Hardware for Good category, then going on to win first place at the Big Ideas Grand Prize Pitch Day. Not only that, but Tabla was featured in Fast Company's Best Ideas of 2017 (Tabla is at the 2:01 mark).

Most recently, Adam and Tabla have been profiled on ABC News. You can watch the segment below, and read the whole article on their website.

From the article:

The device promises a more affordable way for doctors in developing countries to diagnose pneumonia: a $70 alternative to the staggering cost of operating a chest X-ray facility, which Rao estimates at close to $60,000 per year. Antibiotics are also expensive and scarce in many parts of the world, and with antibiotic resistance on the rise, Rao says the team's goal is to save those potent and costly medications for only the patients who really need them.

Congratulations to Adam for the well-earned recognition he's receiving for this groundbreaking technology!