MSTP Alumnus, Seth Holmes, Named a 2017 William T. Grant Foundation Scholar

Congratulations to alumnus Seth Holmes, MD, PhD (2007), who was recently named a William T. Grant Foundation Scholar, a program that seeks to improve the amount of high-quality research focused on addressing inequality by providing support for early-career researchers. Of the fifty applicants submitted to this program, Dr. Holmes is one of the three researchers selected to participate. Dr. Holmes's research will focus on "the different forms of discrimination faced by children who migrate from Latin America to the United States," and he "hopes to challenge the ways in which researchers and institutions utilize general ethnic categories, inadvertently subsuming multiple groups affected by different political, economic and social forces."

For more information about the William T. Grant Foundation, and to learn more about Dr. Holmes's research, please visit UC Berkeley's School of Public Health.

Dr. Holmes was also awarded the Robert B. Textor and Family Prize for Excellence in Anticipatory Anthropology back in November. This award is in recognition of his book, Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Migrant Farm Workers in the United States.

From the American Anthropological Association:

Holmes writes a trenchant ethnography that offers new possibilities for an engaged, empathic anthropology.  Working and living alongside the Triqui people of Oaxaca, Mexico he sees and experiences the searing inequalities they face in the aftermath of NAFTA.  Holmes chronicles US policies and American expectations of beautiful, cheap foods to the impoverishment of indigenous farmers in rural Mexico, who migrate to North America in search of a better life.