School of Medicine Launches New Bridges Curriculum

UCSF's School of Medicine has officially launched the new Bridges Curriculum. The UCSF Bridges Curriculum is a three-phase, fully integrated curriculum delivered over four years. Components of the curriculum were phased in between 2014 and 2016, and the entire Bridges Curriculum will now launch in Fall of this year.

Curriculum Structure

The 45 month curriculum is divided into three phases: Foundations 1 (60 weeks), Foundations 2 (48 weeks) and Career Launch (53 weeks). Three curricular elements will be woven throughout the three phases: foundational sciences, clinical and systems applications, and inquiry activities.

Overarching Curriculum Strategies

  • early longitudinal immersion in clinical teams with a focus on continuously improving care delivery
  • inquiry-focused curriculum that emphasizes asking questions that push the frontiers of science and understanding of human health and disease

Student Experiences

  • participation in a longitudinal clerkship in health systems
  • dedicated time for scholarly projects in one of the core domains of science
  • an individualized system of mentorship and advising
  • a flexible science-learning environment enabled by online learning tools
  • access to progression data with a personalized online dashboard
  • opportunities to individualize education for career goals

To read more about Bridges and how it will change medical education at UCSF, please see the following articles at the School of Medicine website and UCSF News: