February 09, 2017

It was announced this week that 15 of the first cohort of investigators in the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub will be UCSF faculty, one of whom is Hiten Madhani, MD, PhD, who graduated from our MSTP program in 1995. Dr. Madhani is also currently on our MSTP Council. 

From the UCSF News article:

Jeremy Reiter
February 07, 2017

Jeremy Reiter, MD, PhD was recently appointed as the new Chair for the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics. Dr. Reiter is an alum of our very own program, graduating in the class of 2001. He's also the Director of the Developmental & Stem Cell Biology program.

December 16, 2016

John Liu (BMS) and Max Horlbeck (Biophysics), both in the MSTP enrolling class of 2011, recently had their first author publication accepted to Science. UCSF News also wrote a terrific piece on their research, which you can read over at the UCSF News website.

Intersections logo
November 02, 2016


The Intersections board as added a few new members, including several of our very own MSTPs: Elizabeth Hwang, Cody Mowery, Tina Zheng, Trisha Macrae, Sravani Kondapavulur, and Abrar Choudhury. They're joining Lauren Meyer on the Intersections board this year, and Elizabeth and Abrar have even written the most recent Intersections newsletter, which introduces the new board, talks about the First Annual Intersections Gala, the Family House Dinner, and more Intersections events.