Student Council

The Student Council is designed to supplement the lines of communication that already exist and are in no way intended to be a substitute. Direct communication between any student or students and any other member of the MSTP Community is, as always, STRONGLY encouraged.

MSTP Class Representatives/Student Council:


MSTP 1           (2018)             Sandon Griffon & Alice Tang

MSTP 2           (2017)             Jennifer Guidera & Vikas Daggubati

MSTP 3           (2016)             Marissa Chou & Abrar Choudhury

MSTP 4           (2015)             Sara Vazquez & Devan Diwanji

MSTP 5           (2014)             Joe Hiatt & Theo Roth

MSTP 6           (2013)             Jennifer Liu   
MSTP 7           (2012)             Allison Wong

MSTP 8+         (2011)             Julia Ye & Geoff Smith            


Student Council Member responsibilities include, but are not limited to, soliciting questions, concerns, ideas, etc. from their classmates and presenting that information during the MSTP Student Council Meeting with MSTP Leadership Quarterly.


Student Council Members must send summaries from these meetings to their MSTP constituents.