Director's Welcome

Our program’s mission is to train compassionate and exceptional physician-scientists that will become future leaders in medicine.  UCSF provides an outstanding environment for both clinical and medical research training that our students really thrive in.  Graduates of our program have gone on to successful careers in both academia and industry and this again reflects the excellence of the environment at UCSF for the training of physician-scientists.  Each year our program attracts a cadre of energetic and collegial individuals who we strive to instill the value of pursuing a combined degree training program. We embrace differences and promote the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion as a strong foundation for an innovative and successful research and medicine community.  As a graduate of a MD/PhD program, I fully recognize the commitment and passion for discovery that is needed for success in this training pathway.  Our program is fortunate to have many other like-minded investigators at UCSF that make up our MSTP Faculty Council. Members of the council play an active role in mentoring our students and participating in many of our program’s activities that include an annual retreat, seminar series, journal club, and MSTP Grand Rounds.

UCSF is a dynamic and exciting institution with a wealth of cutting-edge research opportunities that exist in a collaborative and collegial environment. We emphasize a team-based approach to learning, teaching, research, and patient care.  Our students are an important part of this dynamic environment, and many have made seminal contributions to their respective research fields during their PhD training.  Not only is UCSF at the leading edge of research and innovation, but we couple that with compassionate, patient-centered medicine.  Our students are also deeply committed to the excellence of our program and play an active role in mentoring students and contributing to program activities.  Such contributions are important to our training program, and we encourage these interactions and mentorship across the program at multiple levels.

We hope you find the information you’re seeking here on our website. Please contact our office if you have any specific questions. Thank you for your interest in UCSF and our MSTP.

Aimee Kao, M.D., Ph.D.
UCSF MSTP Director