Frequently Asked Questions

When is your application deadline?
The AMCAS application deadline for the Fall 2023 application cycle is October 15, 2022 and the secondary application deadline is December 1, 2022. Earlier submissions are encouraged to allow time for full consideration of your application.

I submitted my application several weeks ago, but I have not received a confirmation email or a secondary application. Does this mean that I am no longer being considered? 
Not necessarily. The admissions office does not send confirmation emails when they receive the AMCAS applications. All applications must go through a screening process before a decision is made to grant secondary applications. It may take between 8-12 weeks before you will hear back from our admissions office.

How do I submit an update to the Admissions Committee?
There are two times when you may add updates directly to the online application portal: 1) at the time of the secondary application and 2) at the time of being invited to interview.  These are the only times updates are accepted.

Can I apply to both the Medical School and MSTP at the same time? 
Yes. In order to be considered for both the Medical School and MSTP separately, you must indicate both programs (MD/MSTP) on the UCSF MSTP secondary application. If you do not check the box for MD/MSTP and you are not accepted into the MSTP program, you will not be considered for the Medical School. At the same time, if you mark both programs, you may receive an offer from the Medical School before you hear from MSTP as they make admission decisions on a rolling basis. This does not mean that you are not being considered for MSTP. MSTP admission decisions are made in early March after we have completed our application reviews and interviews.

If I don’t get accepted into the MSTP, will I still be considered for the Medical School?
You may still be under consideration for the School of Medicine, but only if you indicated on your application that you want to be considered for medical school and the MSTP separately. If you only checked the MSTP on your application, then the School of Medicine won’t be considering your application if you aren’t accepted into the MSTP.

Are international students eligible to apply to UCSF’s Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)?
Unfortunately, no. Our program is funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH). This funding is available only to US citizens and lawful US permanent residents. We are therefore unable to admit international students.

Are applicants with foreign degrees considered for admission into the program. Are there additional requirements for applicants with foreign degrees?
UCSF accepts coursework and degrees from accredited institutions and the foreign equivalent. Graduates of foreign institutions are required to complete one year of full-time study at an accredited U.S. institution.

If I am not accepted into the MSTP but am accepted into the regular MD program, can I re-apply to MSTP?
Yes, you can re-apply to the MSTP during your first year of medical school.

Can I apply to one of the graduate programs at the same time I am applying to the MSTP?
No, you cannot apply to the MSTP and the Graduate School during the same application cycle.

The AMCAS Application instructs the applicants to submit 3-5 letters of recommendation. As an MSTP applicant, can I submit more?
Yes, MSTP applicants can submit between 5-7 letters of recommendation.

Are MSTP applicants required to submit GRE/GMAT scores in addition to MCAT scores?
No, MSTP applicants only need to submit their MCAT scores.

When are MSTP admission decisions made?
The final MSTP admission decisions are made by early March.

Does California residency affect MSTP admissions?
No, residency is not a factor in the decision-making process.

What type of funding does the program offer?
The MSTP provides financial support to cover all medical and graduate tuition and fees, along with a yearly stipend of $44,000 (2022-23 academic year).

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