Lowell High Summer Program and Symposium

The UCSF-Lowell Science Research Program was founded by Richard Shapiro, Lowell High Physics teacher, and Julia Ye, UCSF MSTP student, in the fall of 2010. A collaborative effort between Lowell High School and UCSF, the program's mission is to introduce students to the world of science, teach them laboratory techniques, and inspire a passion for research and discovery. Students engage in original scientific research and develop the professional skills necessary for a successful scientific career. An annual summer symposium concludes the UCSF-Lowell Science Research Program Summer Internship. It features an introduction from the MSTP director and the student leaders of the program, short talks by the high school student interns, and a poster session in the atrium for all of the interns.

In its first year, 80 students participated in the classroom experience led by 7 MSTP students, and 4 Lowell students were selected to work in UCSF labs over the summer. All four students won awards at the San Francisco Bay Area Science Fair, and one even received recognition as a Siemens semifinalist. This year, over 100 Lowell students participated in the after school program at which 21 UCSF students volunteered, 15 Lowell students are participating in the summer internship program, and 15 UCSF faculty volunteered with the after school program and/or took on summer interns. These students will return to their classrooms at Lowell and serve as leaders and mentors for their peers. 

The UCSF-Lowell Science Research Program:

  • Teaches students about the world of science.
  • Provides opportunities for students to interact with UCSF scientists.
  • Exposes students to common laboratory techniques.
  • Helps students develop the professional skills required to become successful scientists.
  • Identifies opportunities for students to conduct meaningful summer research.
  • Ignites a passion for scientific research.
  • Develops a model for high school science outreach programs.
  • Creates a vibrant community of students, teachers, and mentors.
  • Is dedicated to the pursuit of scientific discovery.
  • Gives students a chance to present their research to their school, the public, and at local and national science competitions.